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Customers Love Christeli

We've learned a thing or two from making mattresses in South Carolina since 1931, but don't take our word for it. We let customers speak for us.

Based on 1120 reviews
Palais Grand Replacment Toppers

I have replaced my upper two sections of the Palais Grand and wanted to share my thoughts. This has taken it back to its original firmness from 10-11 years ago. I Thank Cristeli for working with me in regards to this matter. It has taken 3 nights to adjust, but oh my it is wonderful again and my spine is so thankful. I am expecting over the next 7-10 days I will fully be adjusted to the new firmness that once was the great mattress quality I purchased back in 2013.
Thanks Tom B

Highrise LT Bed Frame 13"

Still in love with my Briella after 4 years!

I’m still so happy with my amazing Christeli Briella mattress and it’s been over 4 years! I just love that they’re a small business who hand makes their mattresses. That was a big factor in my original reason for purchasing with them vs other mattress companies aside from their awesome quality reviews.
Every time I lay on my mattress I’m impressed with its comfort. It’s so cushy and comfy like a giant cloud pillow that comforts my body. It’s the perfect firmness and softness combination for my liking. I will say my boyfriend and I together can tend to sink in the center of the mattress if we migrate to the center in our sleep so that’s the only con for this plushy mattress. But no sinking if our body weight isn’t combined in the center. For reference we’re both pretty fit, and workout nonstop, he’s 190-195 lbs & I’m 160 lbs. Solo sleeping there’s no sinking in the center. I think the next mattress I’ll have to purchase the medium soft to alleviate the extra pillowy sinking effect. But I’m definitely sticking with Christeli for sure!

Incredible mattress

I love my new mattress! The mattress stays cool and unbelievably comfortable. Christeli is a phenomenal brand, I've recommended to multiple friends and will be a purchaser for life.

It’s wonderful.

I needed a new mattress and was going to settle for a cheap one from Costco. Luckily I did some research and discovered Christeli. The mattress is exactly as firm as I’d like while also being soft and comfy. Plus I feel good supporting a made in USA company. Thank you.

Return Customers

We loved our Briella so much that we refurbished it with a new topper for our guest room and got a new Briella set for our bedroom!! It’s plush but not too soft. It conforms to your individual body. It’s clearly our favorite mattress and topper!! We also like supporting small businesses.

10 year review

Well i have to say christelli lives up to what they say. I bought a queen charelston mattress ruffly 10 years ago and i can tell you that this mattress is honestly as good as the day i got it. I do not work for this company nor am i being told to write a review i just am looking to buy a mattress for my son so i came back to there site and i remember when i bought this bed that its alot to find a great mattress and most reviews are mostly wrote right after purchace. So in the hopes this helps someone i can tell you for real this is such a comfortable mattress and it will last you like brand new for atleast 10 years. I weigh 240 pounds and been sleeping on it everyday fot the past 10 years straight and its as good as the day i got it. Actually come to think about it this may be the best purchace i have ever made. Seriously i cant think of another better. Like i said i hope this helps some one...good luck.

Versailles - warranty replacement

Loved my 2015 purchase of the Versailles mattress. When support was diminished by 2023, I submitted a warranty claim. Replacement shipped quickly, but I'm disappointed there were no straps attached as before (they were a big help in rotating the mattress), and the pillow top seems less dense, thus the four-star rating. Still, I'm getting the good support I need - best mattress I've ever owned!

Best mattress ever

We have been using this mattress for over 5 years and it has spoilt us for any other mattress

Non-Traditionally Soft Bed

First off, I have to say I think this bed is fantastic. We paid $3,000 two years ago for a hybrid mattress and it was not this comfortable. However, it is not 'soft' in the traditional sense. Best way I can describe it: the foam is very dense (high quality) which means that if you press your hand into it or climb across the bed on your knees its quite firm. But when you lay down into it, its like sinking into a marshmallow. If you're a heavy individual, even if you prefer super soft mattresses, I'd recommend going to a medium soft or a medium, otherwise you WILL sink in, and it can be overwhelming if you're not used to the mattress enveloping you. I weigh ~240 pounds, but my wife, ~140 pounds, doesn't get this feeling. I used to be a stomach sleeper but our hybrid mattress made this extremely uncomfortable as it had very little give below the pillow top. The softness of this mattress lets me sleep on my beer belly once again and I love it.

Delivery took about 5 days from the time I placed my order. It came in two boxes. We opened them around 5pm and slept on them at 9pm. They were obviously not fully inflated, which took about 3 days, but we had no issues sleeping on it the first night, it was just a little hard. After day 3 it reached its full 'softness' when sleeping. There was off-gassing however it was almost non-existant. The smell itself had a very mild odor and wasn't offensive at all. If you weren't expecting a smell, you'd have no idea one existed. We left the bedroom door open and had no issues sleeping. The smell was entirely gone within 36 hours.

The first night I slept on this bed, I woke up around 3am and thought to myself "Wow. This mattress is so comfortable, how did they do it. I will never buy another brand again" and then passed right back out. No back pain for the first time in 2 years when I woke up. This is our second Christeli mattress in 10 years, and I wish I had of bought another two years ago instead of wasting 3x as much on a national brand mattress. Highly recommend, especially for the price.

Excellent product and good service.

Love it

I replaced an old bed frame and mattress with the new Christeli ones and I am very happy. There was no having to get used to it. Perfect.

Easy to put together.

The bed frame goes well with the new mattress and was easy to put together.

Awesome mattress!

This is my second Versailles 10" Firm mattress. It's Awesome! Would definitely recommend.

Love the bed!

The service and bed are fantastic!


These pillows are amazing! Between these pillows and the new mattress, I've had the best sleep of my life. This was a great investment for myself and my husband. I definitely recommend getting them.

No more waking back pain!

I use to think that in my 40's that it was just normal to wake up in back pain. That became a thing of the past, once we purchased this mattress. Best sleep that I have ever had. I so wish that we could bring it with us on vacation.

Nice Bed Frame but Unusable with Adjustable Bed

Super disappointed in the fact your
upholstered queen platform frame does not fit with the adjustable bed. Can't use the drawers at all because of the undercarriage arrangement. I thought everything was compatible. I would return if it were not for the hassle of labor intensive dismantling and repackaging.

Very good!

Loved it so much we bought it twice

This is by far the best mattress I have ever owned. It is soft on top, but still supports your body throughout the night. My husband and I bought this bed twice this year. Once to replace our old mattress and to furnish a guest room.

Astoria 11.5" Medium Firm

Awesome Mattress!

First time buying a memory foam and I have to say I was highly impressed! The quality and the feel is amazing. I sleep so much better then I ever did . I would highly recommend!

Super comfortable

I love how it’s 2 pieces and I can adjust the firmness. The top is tempur pedic and has helped stop the soreness in my shoulders from a normal bed. Amazingly comfortable

Terrible Mattress & Fradulent Warranty Promise

This mattress is absolutely terrible. From the start we had issies with quality control. I habe had it since 2016 and we have been sleepong terri ly for uears now. I contacted customer service as the mattress has a "lifetime warranty " but the requirements to trigger the warranty are insane. I was induced by this company into purchasing their matteress with false promises of an incredible warranty and its not the case. Do not purchase feom Chistelli.
1. One full view picture of your mattress with all the linens removed.

2. One picture with a lightweight flat object across the visible indentations (long enough to rest on the highest points of your bed leaving a gap over the depression), with a ruler resting in the indentation to see the measurement of body impression formed. Do not rest ruler inside of sewn down buttons, please use the top/flat part of the mattress to measure depressions. Please do not set anything heavy on the bed to show the depression. (Shower curtain rods or broom sticks work best!)

3. One full view picture of the base portion of the mattress with the comfort top removed. Measure any depressions in the same manner if this section of the bed is damaged.

4. One full view picture of the box spring, with the mattress removed or similar support structure such as slatted base/platform etc to make sure issues aren't arising from poor support.

5. One full view picture of the bed frame, with the box spring and mattress removed, as above, if there is additional support below #4 please also attach a photo of this to make sure issues aren't arising from lack of proper support.

I did not order anything 14 days ago!

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